An emotional roller coaster…

About a month ago, I received a message from a young woman named Cassie who asked me about my newborn photography and began telling me a little about her story.  She was pregnant with twins, due in June, and she had chosen to give them up for adoption. She asked if it would be possible to have me come to the hospital when the twins were born to document the day.  How could I say no to that?

It takes so much courage to do what Cassie did this morning and I admire her for that. When Alli and Cody, the new mom and dad, arrived after having traveled 5 hours to get here, you could see the nervousness on everyone’s faces. They were all anxious to see the babies. Even Cassie had not seen them since she had an emergency C-Section under anesthesia and had only been in her room for a few minutes prior to their arrival.

Finally, the twins, Colton and Kaleigh, were brought in the room.  Tears flowed as everyone met these precious babies that God had given them. Alli and Cody explained that their names would always have a little of their birth mom in them — Colton was the chosen name for their baby boy, but when discussing with Cassie, she told them that Colton was the boy name she had chosen when her daughter was born.  Kaleigh’s middle name was going to be Jean — and Cassie’s middle name is Jeanne, so the spelling will be changed to be the same as Cassie’s name.  I loved how they wanted to be sure Cassie was a part of the twins’ lives. Alli also shared that she had always told everyone, since she was a small child, that she was going to have twins one day — a boy and a girl — and look at what happened! I can see God’s hand all over this story!

After meeting, feeding, and sharing, I left everyone to enjoy and cherish their moments with these beautiful children.  Although many have differing opinions of adoption, I will say that especially after today, it is difficult, it is emotional, but it is am amazing choice. For these families, who I feel sure prayed for what happened today, it was perfect.

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