Baby Reveal…

Jessica Trichel has been my friend for many years. She is such a wonderful young woman and I am so glad that I have been able to be a part of her life. If she didn’t have such a great mom, I would volunteer to take her as my own child. She and Jaclyn would get along fine, I feel sure!

I was overjoyed when she called to tell me she was getting married to Mike Smith and wanted me to shoot her wedding.  Mike is perfect for her! The perfect gentleman who loves to make sure Jessica is happy and has everything! Their wedding was like a fairytale, and included a peacock that followed us around all day. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, gorgeous location = perfection!  So I was absolutely giddy with excitement when she called to tell me she was expecting. I told her then I hoped she was having a girl because we needed to take all kinds of girlie pictures. She agreed! I love this family and their closeness because it reminds me so much of mine.

Last week, Jessica called to ask if I would be available to capture the memories of her baby reveal at her ultrasound. Her family would be there and she wanted to capture their faces when they found out what they were expecting. Photography offers so many opportunities to capture moments that will be a huge part of the lives of my clients. I love it.

Thursday night was the night.Everyone was asked to wear either pink or blue, according to what they thought the sex would be.  There were two pink shirts and everyone else was in blue — except one neutral. Jessica showed up at Stork Vision with her Mountain Dew, which she was told to drink to “wake” the baby. Well, baby wasn’t quite as awake as necessary and was being quite difficult. In fact, after several minutes of attempting to get great shots of the baby, by laying on her back, laying on her right side, laying on her left side, pushing around on her belly, they finally resorted to having her jump up and down and at one point she went into the hallway jumping and doing cartwheels! It must have worked because when she came back, it wasn’t long until she was asked if she was ready to know.  Of course, by then, we were all ready to know what this stubborn child was going to be!

It’s a GIRL!  What a wonderful surprise for everyone. Jessica and mom, Libby, will have another girl to follow them to New York, on Black Friday shopping, or wherever they choose.  Mike has resigned himself to going to years of dance recitals.  He is so sweet and funny — pouting like he was upset he wasn’t getting a boy, but knowing he will be wrapped around this baby’s little finger the moment she is born. He even joked with me that it was all my fault since he had been surrounded by girls ever since he had known me, including the tiny dog, Ella, that they adopted from me (that they love).

Jessica and Mike are perfect for each other and this baby girl will be treasured. I can not wait — Jessica, Libby and I will be looking for props between now and November! Congratulations!

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