A few months ago, I decided to get back into the gym to start working out.  I loved it! It helps me sleep better, makes my joints feel better (and we all know how that is when you are older), and it makes my clothes fit better.  Although the past few weeks I haven’t been as much, I plan to get back into the habit when I return from vacation — which is this coming Saturday!

Being around all of the “fit” people made me want to capture all of that — the muscles, the endurance, the concentration — and in this case, the love.  Meagan and Matt were the BEST!  We met at Anytime Fitness in Wake Village, where Meagan is the manager. After looking around and trying to decide whether to take the portraits there or in my studio, we found a room with great window light and had a blast!

The chemistry between these two is evident in their portraits together.  They had a few things they wanted to do, and I had several ideas I wanted to try.  The results are fabulous!  I decided to try out a new program and do some effects on a few and love it!

I had so much fun with this young, fit couple! Meagan and Matt are amazing!  I know you will all agree!


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