Making a splash…

When I started my journey back into doing more photography, I decided I would only do things that were interesting to me.  One of the most fun things to photography, to me, is high school students.  You can have so much fun if they are willing to allow you some creative leeway.  I just needed to subjects willing to “play!”

The idea of having DBP Models is not new to me.  It was a concept I had used just for high school seniors in the past.  However, this time, I decided to go outside of that to add several age groups and my Model group was formed!  (I am still taking a few more — and will close the offering in about a week.)  This group was formed to help with my creativity — they will be trying things before I actually use them on actual clients to make sure they work!  I have lots of ideas but never know if some of them will work! HA!

This past week, on Friday and Saturday, we had our first meeting and photo shoots.  As I told this energetic group of young people, my “guinea pigs” were born!  LOL  What is shown here is only about half of the group of young people who volunteered to help.  I cannot say how much I appreciate their hard work, their willingness to do whatever I asked, and their constant smiles!  Even when the temperatures soared!  It was such a relief when we finally got into the pool.  You will see more from our pool sessions in a few days, but for now, enjoy meeting some of these outstanding young people!

Not to forget, this would all have not been possible without the kindness of several friends — Linda Lilly, for allowing us to use your amazing pool and landscape, and Ashley Carlow, at Traditions Bridal and Formal, for donating several “flowy” dresses to the effort!  They look gorgeous on the girls and were perfect!  And of course, the moms for believing in their children!  I love you all!


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