The Pageant Princess marries her Prince Charming…

At the age of 13, Klancy Johnson walked into my life.  I remember it as if it were yesterday.  She had just won a teen pageant and needed headshots.  I was the chosen photographer.  I remember her face when her crown fell and broke — but luckily we had Mike there and he repaired it like new.  She kept a crown on her head for years afterward, coming every year for new headshots as she grew up into the wonderful young woman she is today.

Through the years, Klancy and her family became my family.  I love them with all my heart.  It was not always easy.  Just like raising my own children, there are times when we would argue — as if she were my own child.  But we always made sure that in the end, we knew that the love was there. Supporting each other had become second nature, no matter what the circumstance.

When Klancy told me she had met someone, I knew they had to be special. She had boyfriends in the past, but the way she talked about this one was different.  She truly loved him.  He was sweet, funny, adventurous and he loved her.

Scotty Barlow became a part of the family last night.  It was a very emotional day for everyone.  (You know, it’s hard to take photographs when you are crying tears of joy!) . One of my favorite portraits from the day was of Klancy and her little brother, Spencer.  I don’t think Spencer is happy about losing his wonderful big sister.  You will see in the photos below.  It was the sweetest moment and I think just about everybody that was close by cried with him.  I keep thinking that we didn’t lose Klancy, we just gained Scotty!

It was a beautiful evening, and though it started out a little hot, there was no rain — although we did get a little sprinkle during first glance!  Oh well, happy is the bride who is rained upon!  Klancy and Scotty were both full of joy and it seemed to pull all the rest of the guests in with them.

Somehow I feel like these two were made for each other.  Congratulations to my sweet Fancy Klancy.  I know your Prince Scotty is all you ever dreamed of!

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